Products of ICRA company

The range of products is very large.Please contact us for further details.
Shelves are produced in 4 different profiles:
• T9 – smooth-two-sides full shelves
• T2 – ribbed shelves – light thin shelves, for light load
• T9Z – ribbed shelves – thicker shelves with low ribs
• T3 – smooth-two-sides hollow shelves
Shelves are produced of two types of cordierite-mullite:
type C2 – for operational temperature up to 1280 °C, convenient for both heating and cooling in electric kilns
type C3 – for operational temperature up to 1330 °C, resistant to thermal changes, convenient especially for electric and gasheated kilns with quick cooling cycles.
To prevent glaze sticking to the shelves, we offer a special insulation coating.


An indispensable feature for your shelves – columns of different sizes. Columns are fair cut of tubes of oxide ceramics. In compliance with the size we will recommend you the ideal diameter for your columns (25 – 62 mm).

Beams for volume loading

Beams of firm and resistant material, for operational temperature up to 1400 °C.
These beams make it possible - you can manipulate the batch with a fork lift or other special truck. Double-block system increases the production capacity – batch stowing and withdrawal being done outside the kiln, one cycle can follow another one immediately.

Loading trucks

To make the loading system complete we offer loading trucks as well.